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Interviews with internal and external stakeholders have revealed that the impact of AIMS on maths and science research excellence in Africa has been significant and is increasing.

Research at AIMS is one of our strategic priorities forms a key activity for the development and advancement of math and science across Africa. 

Our main objective at AIMS Research is facilitating high quality research that addresses African development challenges by engaging in relevant multi-disciplinary research and through creation of a world class environment that inspires innovation and creativity.

AIMS fosters Mathematical Science Research (MSR) at four levels of its training program; the structured masters, research-based masters, PhD and postdoctoral level. In addition, cutting edge MSR is conducted by a group of highly qualified, independent researchers who serve as principal investigators, research chairs and as mentors to research trainees.  

Our key strategic initiatives for research at AIMS include; AIMS Research Chairs, AIMS Industry Research Chair Programs, Scientific Partnership for Development, Africa’s Pathways to the Quantum Revolution, Knowledge &Technology Transfer and AIMS College of Professors. 


Our focus at AIMS Research is on cutting-edge topics which relate to mathematical modeling in a multi-disciplinary context, particularly those that are most relevant to African development and especially in fields where scientists in Africa have a competitive advantage and can engage in world leading research. Research focus areas include; pure mathematics, data sciences, climate sciences, agriculture and food systems, medicine and healthcare, national scientific capacity for innovation, industrialization (production of goods and services), financial mathematics, math education, energy production, supply & management.

The first Research Center was launched in May of 2008 at AIMS South Africa, however, research activities had started earlier on in 2003. In collaboration with local government and university partners, each AIMS research center develops its own areas of specialization, thereby advancing local capabilities and opportunities. The research centers are dynamic environments where visiting and staff scientists thrive and young scientists find exciting opportunities as they learn to become critical thinkers. Currently we have six AIMS Research Centers are currently located in five African countries namely; South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon and Rwanda.

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